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What are they afraid of?

The new book Exposing Corruption in the Australian Education Department.


Australia's Forgotten Children:

The Corrupt State of Education in the Northern Territory

A Case Study of Educational Apartheid at an Aboriginal Pretend School

Part of a global campaign to educate people on the Department's lack of integrity and history of unscrupulous behaviour.

Total cost $19.95 New Zealand. Includes overseas shipping - postage, handling and GST, 196 pages, fully indexed. We make no money from this book.


The Study the Northern Territory Government doesn't want you to see

  • How the Education Department waited months to remove asbestos, knowing children were reported playing with it despite urgent pleas by WorkSafe & how they covered it up & misled the Ombudsman. Would this happen at a 'white' school?
  • How they fabricated claims about Immigration documentation to get rid of 'troublesome' teachers.
  • How the Department kept a secret blacklist & gave false information to the Anti-Discrimination Commission & the Territory Ombudsman.
  • Why did CEO Gary Barnes give false information to the NT Justice Department Senior Investigator Allan Borg?
  • How HR Head Carol Penglase & Schools Manager Paul Newman abused their positions.
  • Why Dr Kevin Gillan and Gary Barnes covered-up serious allegations of wrongdoing and misconduct?
  • Why DET Lied to Charles Darwin University and why CDU was too Scared to do anything about it.
  • Will DET Attorney Gerry Greene resign when he realises just how dishonest and unscrupulous his employer - the Northern Territory Education Department - has been? After all, he defended them.
  • Which DET employees engaged in ethics violations and breached the Public Employee sector Code of Conduct.

The book that goes beyond the website

We Challenge the Education Department to deny any of these claims -or to sue us to stop its publication

They cannot because the defence for libel is truth

Based on 1,200+ Freedom of Information documents


Different Standards for Blacks and Whites in 21st Century Australia

  • We tried to enforce the same academic, health and safety standards at an Aboriginal school as at a 'white' school – and were thwarted at every turn. If this is not educational apartheid, what is?
  • We were told to lower our standards as these were Aboriginals. Is it any wonder Indigenous students have appalling literacy and numeracy rates in the Northern Territory?
  • How the Education Department sabotages careers and punishes teachers for doing their jobs?
  • Education Department employees work for the people – ultimately they are answerable to the people.


Former Education Minister Chris Burns refused to answer questions about our case in Parliament - and DET/DECS Executives Gary Barnes and Dr Kevin Gillan continue to cover up.   Our response:  to publish Australia's Forgotten Children and both document and expose the Department's pattern of unscrupulous behaviour.





Photo Gallery of Our School



"If you have tears, prepare to shed them now."


We never intended to raise these issues publicly, but because the Education Department failed to even interview us in their sham investigation, we reluctantly do so.   


This dog was kicked so hard by students that it died shortly after this photo was taken. Animal abuse on school grounds by school students during school hours, was common.   A DET executive ordered us not to discuss the issue of dogs on school grounds for cultural reasons.

‘Floyd:’ a symbol of remote education at the dawn of the 21st century.  This animal endangered student safety while our concerns were ignored by DET despite making them aware of the situation in writing. Of equal concern, the animal was physically abused by students on a daily basis. 

Question: "Would the serial abuse of an animal on school grounds by groups of students during school hours—punching, slapping, poking it with sticks, hitting it with stones, broken glass, clubbing it with bottles, ramming it with garbage bins--be allowed at an urban school?" 

On one occasion, a student walked up to the donkey and shoved a thumbtack into its nose, slapped it and ran off. On another occasion, a student took a sharp knife, slashing the donkey’s leg resulting in considerable bleeding. A young girl from Upper Primary even grabbed the donkey’s penis using her hand which was underneath her shirt and tried to push it into its anus as several students stood around urging her on.  I am not raising this issue to simply complain – I was the one who was gotten rid of and deemed to have had behavioural management issues without being told for the first 8 months, without producing any written evidence, and without a single specific example after having over a year to do so.

Dangerous amusement: during recess students attack Floyd, then race off as he chases them around school grounds. Despite pleas to remove the animal or dispense consequences for abusing it, this sad behaviour was allowed to continue.  When DET failed to act, even after 'Floyd' attacked a parent on school grounds, we filed a police report ourselves. The officer was so concerned that he threatened to have the animal shot. DET will now tell you that they have developed a new animal control policy at schools.  Great – so if DET is now serious about this, why were our pleas ignored until we were forced to finally do something before someone was killed?  As teachers, student safety is our number one priority – not to mention the welfare of this poor animal.

Above – student races off after stabbing Floyd with a sharp stick.

An unhygienic, everyday occurrence:  dogs stand in the water troughs, licking and on at least one occasion, defecating in the bubblers.


Below:  A common sight -- students exposed to a sexually aroused ‘Floyd’ at school.  On one occasion, Floyd was sexually abused by a young female student as a group of students urged her on.


Alekarange School Resource room in week 3.  Need I say more?  

Students dig holes under the school foundation crawl space and hide from teachers – a concern given that asbestos is buried under the soil.

Upper Primary students climbing on the roof of a building adjacent to the school. Climbing on the school roof was an ongoing concern. 

 They don't show you this on the Teaching in the Territory website.

 Is this a one-off or are conditions like these common in NT remote schools? THe NT Education Department clearly does not care about remote schools - just look at the education centre below. A picture tells a thousand words.  Below is a photo of one NT Homelands school as provided by Helen Hughes.

Exterior photograph of a Homeland Learning Centre, taken in 2008
Would you send your kid to this Learning Centre?  So why do Indigenous students have to attend these rat holes?

Former principals George and Robyn Hewittson took this photo of a Homeland Learning Centre and observe that the Homeland Centre Wikipedia entry for Northern Territory HLCs is blocked on the NT DET intranet site.  It simply says:  "blocked deemed to be of no educational value."  This picture - and DET's censorship of the site, speaks volumes.

Teaching in the TerritoryTeaching jobs in the Northern TerritoryTeach in the Territory


Character Assassination - How the Education Department Sabotages Careers

An attack on one's reputation is an assault on everything they have ever worked for and can cast a shadow of doubt over everything they do.  Being an incompetent teacher is a serious charge with lasting career implications. Over one year ago, my wife Zalina, after investing her life savings, graduated from Charles Darwin University with a teaching degree.  In her first job at Alekarenge School in Central Australia, she was deemed so seriously deficient that she was unfit to teach at any remote Territory school:

  • without any written evidence;
  • having never been formally observed;
  • without being informed for the first 8-months;
  • without her Group Principal being told;
  • and not being given the chance to respond because DET refuses to disclose what these incompetences are for over one year.

Paul Newman, then General Manager of Schools in Central Australia, and then Alekarenge principal Darrell Fowler, claim that my wife had "a range of performance issues" that they raised with her.  This is not true.  They never raised a single performance issue with my wife.  We challenge Mr Newman and Mr Fowler to produce a single piece of written evidence where they informed my wife of these claims.  For one entire year, despite repeated attempts – DET refused to disclose what these issues are – except in the most vague possible terms. How is this possible?


Blacklisted - The Great Katherine and Sanderson Teaching Job Scams

Oh what a tangled web we weave,
when first we practice to deceive."
                          – Sir Walter Scott


It looks to us like many of the persons listed below lied to us.  As the NT Education Department will not clarify our questions after trying to resolve this matter for over a year, we offer those involved the opportunity to answer our questions and we will publish their replies unedited on this website.  Perhaps there is information that we don't know about.  Here is your chance to set the record straight.  

After raising serious health, safety and other issues at Alekarenge School, on 28 March 2008, my wife and I were interviewed for and accepted teaching jobs in Katherine.  Then, just as our work visas were expiring, without warning, both principals withdrew the jobs.

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